What Weight Kettlebell Should I Buy?

They might look like iron casts with handles, but they are the most efficient type of workout equipment you can have in your collection. Ever since its invention in ancient Greece, Kettlebells have been known to offer numerous health benefits like encouraging core stability

However, for you to experience the countless benefits kettlebells have to offer, you need to use the right weight when exercising. Starting with the wrong weight may cause injury to your muscles.

What Weight Kettlebell Should I Buy?

The kettlebell weight you purchase should not be too light or too heavy for you to use. The right kettlebell weight women should buy is an 8kg or 18-pound kettlebell. Men should purchase 12 kg to 16 kg kettlebells. However, this is just the average weight.

For men and women who are active and athletic, the kettlebell weight they should purchase should be higher. For active and athletic men, 16 kg to 24kg will do just fine. For active and athletic women, 8kg to 12 kg are great for workouts.

Man sitting down while holding a kettlebell with both hands

What are the Best Kettlebells to Buy?

With all the available kettlebell brands in the market today, deciding on the best kettlebells to purchase can be a challenging decision. Here are three tips you can use to help make the decision easier.


The handle is an essential aspect of a kettlebell. It’s with the handle that you can easily swing the kettlebell weight. Therefore, make sure that before you buy any weight kettlebell, the handle has undergone flashing. Handling flashing is the process of filing down the hands’ underside, leaving the surface smooth.

Touch the entire handle, especially underneath. If it has sharp edges, don’t purchase it as this can injure your hands as you work out. Also, pay attention to the diameter of the handle. Avoid kettlebells that have narrow handles, as it makes holding onto the handle impossible during kettlebell swings.

Some kettlebell exercises will require the use of both hands. Therefore, make sure you test the handle’s opening before purchasing it. If it’s uncomfortable or too tight when you place both hands, don’t buy that dumbbell.


Kettlebells should be durable, especially if you purchase a cast steel or iron kettlebell. Be careful in purchasing plastic kettlebells, they may appear like the best option because of their affordability, but they do come with their drawbacks. Their major drawback is that they don’t last as long as the cast steel kettlebell does.

Person holding a kettlebell with both hands

Plastic kettlebells also don’t follow the standard size and shape; this, in turn, changes the structure of the kettlebell.


The price of the kettlebell is also a factor you should consider. Make sure before you overspend, you find a kettlebell that fits your budget. Not overspending ensures that you can add more weight later. Looking at the available kettlebell reviews will help you identify quality kettlebells that are within your price range.

How many kettlebells do I need?

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions, especially when purchasing kettlebells. In truth, the number of kettlebells you have doesn’t influence your workout routine. As long as you have one kettlebell, you can still workout.

Starting with one kettlebell allows you to master proper form and technique for each exercise. Once you do so, you can add weight accordingly. You then can then vary your routine by following different kettlebell workouts on DVD or a kettlebell smartphone app.

Do I need one or two kettlebells?

The primary reason why experts recommend the use of one kettlebell is because it fully integrates your body during every workout. One dumbbell also allows you to work on different muscle groups with every exercise. However, once you can comfortably perform the proper technique and form for each exercise, you can add the second kettlebell.

Man trying to lift a heavy kettlebell from the floor with both hands

With two kettlebells, you can evenly distribute the weight during your workouts. This, in turn, helps you balance better.

What is a Good Kettlebell Weight for Beginners?

With all the available kettlebell brands in the market today, It can be challenging for beginners to decide on the right weight to purchase. As a beginner, the right kettlebell weight should be one that provides you with the right amount of resistance.

It should not be too heavy or too light, as this will beat the purpose of working out with a kettlebell. Therefore, make sure the weight you start with 8kg for women and 12 kg for men.

How Heavy Should a Kettlebell be for Women?

The weight of a kettlebell for women depends on the type of exercise in their workout routine. If the kettlebell movements are explosive lifts like kettlebell swings, you can use an 8kg dumbbell. If the kettlebell movements are grinds like overhead presses, you can use a 6kg dumbbell.


Every journey starts with one step. Therefore, make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew when choosing the kettlebell weight to purchase. Start small and build your way up with time.

Robert Lemus has been a natural competitor for 6 years, starting in Men’s Physique, then Bodybuilding, and then into Classic Physique. He is the Orange County Bodybuilding champion in 2016 for the Musclemania Organization. In 2018, he received his Pro Card with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in Classic Physique.