Why Is the Kettlebell Swing so Effective?

Kettlebells are not new, especially in the fitness world. Over the years, they have become a piece of necessary equipment for several workouts. Despite their simplicity, kettlebells are one of the most useful and versatile tools any fitness enthusiast can have. A kettlebell can perform numerous forms of exercises among them, the kettlebell swing. 

Why is the Kettlebell Swing so Effective? 

From casual exercise lovers to expert bodybuilders kettlebell swings are a favorite because of their effectiveness. What makes them so effective? The Kettlebell swing is so effective because it’s the only type of exercise that works on the human frame while it also offers other significant benefits like:

Woman trying to swing a kettlebell with both hands
  • Increasing your balancing ability
  • Building your endurance
  • Increasing lung efficiency

Increasing your Balancing Ability

A study on ballet dancers by the University of Padua in Italy tried to find out if the kettlebell swing can increase balancing ability. The researchers divided the participants into two groups: one that trained using ordinary exercises, and the other followed a kettlebell swing routine.

By the end of the study, the researchers found that the group that did the kettlebell swing regularly increased their balance. The other group remained the same. Constantly shifting your body while doing the swing allows you to balance better. 

Building your Endurance

Physical output is something we all require in life. However, the more you exert yourself, the more the body suffers. Apart from a proper diet, exercising can help you build your endurance. This is what the kettlebell swing does. 

The stronger your muscles become, the more the physical output your body masters. Building your body’s endurance enables you to run faster, function better, heal quickly and even have a better heartbeat. 

Increased Lung Efficiency

Apart from proper form, the efficiency of performing a kettlebell swing also depends on your breathing. Having the right breathing pattern helps you increase the force and speed when doing the swing. This breathing pattern engages your diaphragm; this, in turn, helps improve your lung efficiency.

The more you swing the kettlebell, the more oxygen your lungs absorb. This then results in your muscles acquiring more oxygen to function. It also allows your muscles to work longer without getting tired. 

What Does The Kettlebell Swing Target?

The kettlebell swing works on different muscle groups like the glutes, hamstrings, hips, lats, and shoulders. Incorporating the kettlebell swing will also ensure that you lose weight and build muscle as well. 

Woman trying to lift a kettlebell from the floor with both her hands

Does the Kettlebell Swing Work on Abs?

Swinging the kettlebell requires the use of all the muscles in your body. However, the force created by every swing causes the latissimus dorsi and abdominal muscles to do most of the work of bracing your body throughout every swing. The extra work your abdominal muscles and latissimus dorsi do, help in strengthening your core causing your abs to develop in the process.

What are the Benefits of the Kettlebell Swing?

Some of the benefits of the kettlebell swing include:

Cardiovascular Training

Apart from working your muscles, the kettlebell swing also works your heart. Training your heart is important, as it is a vital part of your body. A healthy heart guarantees you a long, healthy life, while a weak heart only causes you to develop fatal conditions like heart attacks. 

With a healthy heart, you have lower blood pressure levels, reduced cholesterol levels, and you can perform day-to-day activities with no problem. 

Weight Loss

For you to lose weight, you have to reduce your calorie intake and exercise. Performing the kettlebell swing requires lots of energy. The energy your body uses comes from the fat reserves in your body. The more the energy you use while swinging the kettlebell, the more weight you lose.

Kettlebell swings also work on your metabolic rate. This enables your body to burn more calories even after you complete your workout, which eventually leads to weight loss. 

Can You Build Muscle with Kettlebell Swing?

Person wearing a fitness tracker for kettlebell workout

The kettlebell swing incorporates different types of exercises, and this helps every muscle group in the body. Think of a swing and how it moves up and down. The kettlebell swing is quite similar only that you have to push and pull the kettlebell with both hands.

You can build muscle with the kettlebell swing because this particular movement targets your entire body, in turn, helps strengthen your muscles. With time your performance in sports and other activities also increases. Also, the stronger your muscles get, the more you are able to build them 

How Heavy Should A Kettlebell Swing Be?

Your level of experience will affect how heavy a kettlebell should be. The recommended weight for a kettlebell swing is 6 kg to 8 kg for beginners. For experts, you can use kettlebells that weigh between 12 kgs to 16 kgs.

How Long Should a Kettlebell Swing Workout be?

Experts recommend that the kettlebell swing workout should be done twice or thrice a week. However, make sure you increase the number of reps you perform once your body is able to withstand your current reps 


When it comes to describing how effective the kettlebell swing is, the list can go on and on. They not only offer numerous benefits, but they also incorporate multiple exercises in every swing. 

Robert Lemus has been a natural competitor for 6 years, starting in Men’s Physique, then Bodybuilding, and then into Classic Physique. He is the Orange County Bodybuilding champion in 2016 for the Musclemania Organization. In 2018, he received his Pro Card with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in Classic Physique.