Best Knee Sleeves for Crossfit [2021 Review]

Woman wearing knee sleeves while on break from her crossfit workout

Your knees are pretty easily prone to injury when working out, especially when it comes to crossfit. To help protect this knee joint, consider grabbing a pair of knee sleeves that can also help increase stability while working out. We have selected four of what we consider the best knee sleeves for Crossfit that are …

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Best Kettlebell Workout DVDs [2021 Review]

Silhouette of a person standing in their garage with a kettlebell on the floor

When looking to add kettlebells into your training one of the options you might consider is turning to ​the best kettlebells DVD. There are a TON of videos out there, so how do you choose the right one? Top Kettlebell Workout DVDs Available Are you a beginner that has never picked up a kettlebell before, …

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Best Muscle Building Supplements for Men Over 40 [2021 Review]

Man over the age of 40, taking muscle building supplements

While building muscle for men over 40 may seem difficult, with a perfect workout plan and proper diet, it is perfectly possible. However, you can also benefit from taking the best muscle building supplements for men over 40 to improve the chances of achieving your fitness goals. Some supplements are very effective in promoting muscle …

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Best Treadmill Under $500 [2021 Review]

Treadmills lined up at a gym

Running and walking are among the easiest exercises, especially for beginners. However, building a consistent workout routine that requires you to get out of the house can be a considerable challenge to many people. Luckily, you can rely on the best treadmill under $500 to experience the same results as running outdoors.  The Top Treadmills …

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Spin Bike vs Exercise Bike

Row of spin bikes in a gym

Spin bikes and exercise bikes, they look the same and you even see them both at the gym. Does riding one over the other matter? While they may both look the same, they also have their differences. In this article, we’ll tackle the spin bike vs exercise debate and provide you with information on what …

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Best Spin Bikes Under $500 [2021 Review]

Spin bike

Choosing the right spin bike is an important step in meeting your fitness goals, whether you are working on losing weight, training for an outdoor race, and building endurance. A spike bike is stationary workout equipment designed to allow you to exercise indoors as you would cycle a bicycle. Finding the best spin bikes under …

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Rowing Machine vs Elliptical

People using an elliptical at a gym

If you want to kickstart your aerobic capacity by doing cardiovascular exercises, you might have heard of the rowing machine and elliptical. While both give you the cardiovascular workout you want, which one works better? In this article, we’ll tackle the battle of the rowing machine vs elliptical to see which one fits your needs.  …

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Rowing Machine vs Treadmill

Treadmills, rowing machines, and other equipments in a gym

In the battle of the rowing machine vs treadmill, you should think about which one can help you burn calories faster or better for muscle buildup. To ensure you can use both machines the right way, we’re listing all the facts you need to know: the basics, similarities, differences, and benefits. Rowing Machine vs Treadmill: …

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Calisthenics vs CrossFit

Woman doing calisthenics outdoors

If you want to start into a healthy lifestyle, you might have heard about calisthenics and CrossFit as your options. A lot of people have difficulty choosing between the two and we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between calisthenics vs CrossFit. Calisthenics vs CrossFit While calisthenics and CrossFit may have …

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Best Way to Lift Dumbbells for Biceps

Woman lifting a dumbbell on her chest level

When you talk about bodybuilding, you usually associate it with biceps. Biceps respond to your training very quickly. That’s why a lot of people start with biceps in bodybuilding. However, a lot of people approach building biceps incorrectly by just lifting heavier weights. Here’s the best way to lift dumbbells for biceps.  Best Way to …

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