Rowing Machine vs Treadmill

Treadmills, rowing machines, and other equipments in a gym

In the battle of the rowing machine vs treadmill, you should think about which one can help you burn calories faster or better for muscle buildup. To ensure you can use both machines the right way, we’re listing all the facts you need to know: the basics, similarities, differences, and benefits. Rowing Machine vs Treadmill: …

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Calisthenics vs CrossFit

Woman doing calisthenics outdoors

If you want to start into a healthy lifestyle, you might have heard about calisthenics and CrossFit as your options. A lot of people have difficulty choosing between the two and we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between calisthenics vs CrossFit. Calisthenics vs CrossFit While calisthenics and CrossFit may have …

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Best Way to Lift Dumbbells for Biceps

Woman lifting a dumbbell on her chest level

When you talk about bodybuilding, you usually associate it with biceps. Biceps respond to your training very quickly. That’s why a lot of people start with biceps in bodybuilding. However, a lot of people approach building biceps incorrectly by just lifting heavier weights. Here’s the best way to lift dumbbells for biceps.  Best Way to …

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Are Dumbbell Flys Good?

Woman performing dumbbell flys

Dumbbell chest flys or make good work with your upper body and help strengthen your chest and shoulders. While you can do a lot of dumbbell exercises with your dumbbells, a lot of people incorporate dumbbell flys in their workout routine. With all its popularity, are dumbbell flys good? Are Dumbbell Flys Good?  Yes, dumbbell …

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How to Get Pre Workout Out of Your System

Woman trying to get her pre workout supplements out of her system by drinking water

Pre-workout supplements make you feel energized and motivated to do some workouts. However, they also affect your natural circadian rhythm. This affects your sleeping pattern and lifestyle. You should know how to get pre-workout out of your system for the short and long term. How to Get Pre Workout Out of Your System  You have …

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How to Clean Metal Dumbbells

Man holding a dumbbell with one hand while stepping on another one on the grass

Owning your own home gym is something. Maintaining your workout equipment may come as a daunting task. Like it or not, metal gym equipment do rust and other equipment build up dust and dirt over time. If you want them functioning, you should learn how to clean metal dumbbells.  How to Clean Metal Dumbbells Before …

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How to Develop Triceps With Dumbbells

Man trying to lift dumbbells with each hands

If you want to fully develop your arms, you can’t just target your biceps. Triceps synergizes with bigger muscles like the shoulders and chest. Developing them helps out a lot in your workouts. All you need is to learn how to develop triceps with dumbbells properly.  How to Develop Triceps With Dumbbells Dumbbells make great …

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Why Is Hiking Such a Complete Lower Body Workout?

Woman resting after hiking

A lot of people love to go out and hike. Hiking gives you time to commune with nature. Hiking also gives you the benefit of doing exercises. When you reach a peak, you feel as if you’ve just done a hard workout session in your life. In this article, we’ll answer: why is hiking such …

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Best Non-Weight Exercises for Triceps, Deltoids, Pecs

Couple doing non-weight exercises for their triceps, deltoids, pecs

If you don’t have weights at home yet you want to build muscles, you can do a lot of exercises that don’t require weights. Buying weights can be very expensive and you have to spend time to maintain them so they won’t get damaged. If you want to be free of these worries, here are …

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Total Gym vs Rowing Machine

Man using a rowing machine

For most veterans, the choice for a whole body workout home gym equipment usually comes down to total gym and rowing machines. However, total gym vs. rowing machines sets up an interesting dilemma since they both have the same functionalities. So how do you choose between the two? Total Gym Vs. Rowing Machine In this …

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