Crossfit Terms and Jargon

What did you notice the first time you walked into a CrossFit gym? For me, it was the wall-to-wall white boards filled with names, times, goals, workouts, etc. But most of it was the unending list of jargon and acronyms. To help make sense of this unique language you may encounter if you workout at a CrossFit gym, …

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Best Knee Sleeves for Crossfit [2021 Review]

Woman wearing knee sleeves while on break from her crossfit workout

Your knees are pretty easily prone to injury when working out, especially when it comes to crossfit. To help protect this knee joint, consider grabbing a pair of knee sleeves that can also help increase stability while working out. We have selected four of what we consider the best knee sleeves for Crossfit that are …

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Calisthenics vs CrossFit

Woman doing calisthenics outdoors

If you want to start into a healthy lifestyle, you might have heard about calisthenics and CrossFit as your options. A lot of people have difficulty choosing between the two and we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between calisthenics vs CrossFit. Calisthenics vs CrossFit While calisthenics and CrossFit may have …

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Glute Ham Developer vs Roman Chair

A glute ham developer and roman chair are two of the most useful gym tools. While these two have some similar benefits, there are still distinct differences between them. To make sure you’ll be able to use both the proper way, you must compare and contrast a glute ham developer vs roman chair.  Glute Ham …

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Do Compression Socks Work?

Walk in any CrossFit gym in the country and you are sure to see quite a few people wearing knee-high compression socks. These socks, also popular in the running and triathlon communities, are sold with the promise of improved athletic performance and quicker recovery. But, do compression socks work? Certainly compression socks have shown great …

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Pose Running: Is it Appropriate for Sprinting?

For an elite sprinter like Usain Bolt, running is poetry personified. With perfect rhythm and no wasted motion, his running appears effortless. This appearance is the byproduct of years of refining his sprint technique. But what about everyday athletes? Can we become faster sprinters with the proper coaching and training? Advocates of  the Pose Method …

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