Best Trap Workout With Dumbbells

Woman doing a trap workout with dumbbells

If you want to have a bigger, stronger back, you need to work on your traps. Consider this is one of the largest muscle groups in your upper back, so you’ll definitely change the shape of your upper body by targeting these muscles. The best trap workout with dumbbells can help you grow your back …

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How to Clean Rusty Dumbbells

A rusty dumbbell on the ground

When you start buying weights, sometimes you have to settle for rusty dumbbells to score a great deal. If you’re in a budget, don’t let the rust deter you from buying affordable dumbbells. You just need to learn how to clean rusty dumbbells, something that’s easy to do and totally worth it. How to Clean …

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How to Get Stronger With Dumbbells

Man lying down on his back while holding a pair of dumbbells

For many fitness enthusiasts, the primary goal of weight training is building muscle and getting stronger. Thanks to the vast information available, learning how to get stronger with dumbbells is easier than ever, and manageable with the proper planning. The good thing about using dumbbells is that they are an excellent way to work out, …

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How Many Dumbbell Sets Should I Do?

Woman sitting down on the floor while holding dumbbells with each hand

Over the years, dumbbells have become the favorite go-to equipment for almost every fitness enthusiast across the world. This is for a good reason. They are not only affordable but also portable and can be used to strengthen different parts of the body. However, like any other weight, you need to have a particular limit …

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How do Adjustable Dumbbells Work?

Man showing how do adjustable dumbbells work by lifting it with his hands

Dumbbells are one of the most versatile workout equipment you can own. However, storing a whole arsenal of dumbbells that differ only in weight is very inconvenient and expensive. No wonder adjustable dumbbells became a breakthrough that helps many fitness enthusiasts to accomplish their fitness goals. But how do adjustable dumbbells work? How do Adjustable …

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What Are Dumbbells Made Of?

Man sitting down while holding a dumbbell sideways

Dumbbells have slowly become popular fitness equipment for fitness enthusiasts across the world. The reason for its popularity lies in its versatility and affordability. Like any other body weights, dumbbells come in different shapes and sizes. What makes them different from other weights is the variety of materials used to make them. What are Dumbbells …

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Are Dumbbell Squats Effective?

Man doing dumbbell squats while holding dumbbells with each hand

Squats have, over the years, become a popular exercise for most fitness enthusiasts. And, with the dumbbells becoming more common fitness equipment, they quickly became part of the squats routine of many people. However, are dumbbell squats effective? Especially when compared to more popular and established barbell squats. Are Dumbbell Squats Effective? Yes, dumbbell squats …

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