A Complete Dumbbell Workout Plan

Man lifting a dumbbell while the other hand is holding another one on his side

When you begin a new workout routine, it can be difficult to figure out when, and how often, you should exercise. To assist, we’ve created a comprehensive dumbbell workout plan you can follow for 3 months. In general, a good rule is to do strength training three times a week, leaving at least one day …

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Best Dumbbell Workout for Your Upper Body

Man lifting a dumbbell with one hand while holding another one to his side

Of all the training tools you can choose from, dumbbells are the most readily accessible. Dumbbells have maintained their immense popularity because they not only force you to use your balance for extra engagement, they also force you to use both sides of your body equally. Since dumbbells are perfectly symmetrical, it is difficult to …

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Guide to a Complete Dumbbell Workout for Beginners

Woman sitting down while holding a dumbbell sideways

When you’re first starting to learn strength training, dumbbells can be intimidating. You’ve probably seen people use them but maybe you aren’t sure how they should fit into your own workout routine. After all, they don’t come with instructions like all the machines on the gym floor. Why Dumbbells Make For a Great Workout Rest assured, …

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Kettlebell vs Dumbbells: Which is Best for You

Woman lifting dumbbells with each hand

Kettlebells have found extreme popularity in recent years. They are used frequently for popular workouts like Crossfit and can be seen in any gym. If you are new to weight training, or are more accustomed to dumbbells you might be wondering why all the fuss about the kettlebells ​vs dumbbells ​when they’re pretty much the same …

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