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Are Dumbbell Rows Effective?

Close up of man performing dumbbell exercises

The dumbbell row is a great exercise to work the upper and lower back, your shoulders, biceps, and hips. It especially helps with improving your back posture and developing back muscles. With many alternative exercises to build back muscles, you might find yourself wondering: are dumbbell rows effective? Are Dumbbell Rows Effective? Yes, in terms …

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How to Gain Muscle Using Dumbbells

Man lifting a dumbbell with one arm while holding the other pair on his side

Many people often think that because dumbbells are small they don’t reliably build muscles. Nothing further than the truth. Once you learn how to gain muscle using dumbbells, they can help you change your entire body beyond the classic bicep curls. How to Gain Muscle Using Dumbbells  In order to effectively gain muscle using dumbbells, …

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How to Lift Dumbbells Properly

Woman lifting a dumbbell on her chest level, while holding the other pair on her side

When you’re talking about lifting weights, dumbbells are one of the first things that come to mind. However, dumbbells are not a matter of simply picking them up and start lifting. Learning how to lift dumbbells properly is crucial to really get in shape and work on your muscles without increasing the risk of injuries. …

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How do Bowflex Dumbbells Work?

Bowflex dumbbells about to be put to work

Due to recent world events, home gyms have become more popular than ever. People have been building their very own home gyms and filling them with their own workout equipment. One example is the Bowflex dumbbells which are really popular in the health and fitness industry. Which may make you wonder, how do Bowflex dumbbells …

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How to do Pull Ups with Dumbbells

Man trying to lift dumbbells with each hands

Learning how to do pull-ups with dumbbells is a difficult and rather confusing experience. The premise behind the routine is to add more weight to your regular pull-up by adding dumbbells to your weight. Consider incorporating dumbbells to your pull-ups only after you’ve mastered the basic movements. How To Do Pull-ups With Dumbbells Before you …

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Do Dumbbells Stop Height Growth?

Man holding a dumbbell with each hands

Dumbbells are useful exercise equipment that you can incorporate into almost any workout routine. However, some people have grown to believe that exercising with dumbbells will stop young people from growing, especially if they are still in puberty. It’s time to tackle that question: do dumbbells stop height growth? Do Dumbbells Stop Height Growth? No. …

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Best Quad Exercises With Dumbbells

Man doing squats while holding dumbbells with each hand

Quads help us keep proper posture and come into play in almost every movement we make every day. Despite their importance, they often get neglected in most lower-body workouts. Use the best quad exercise with dumbbells can help you target this muscle group, counter the effects of sitting and make you look really good in …

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