What Dumbbells Should I Buy – Beginner Tips

Over the years, dumbbells have quickly become a workout favorite. The reason for their popularity is their versatility and effectiveness. It doesn’t matter where you are, with dumbbells you can still exercise. However, with all the available brands in the market, it can be quite challenging for beginners to know what dumbbells to purchase.

What Dumbbells Should I Buy? – Beginner Tips

With all the available dumbbell brands in the market, purchasing a set of dumbbells isn’t a walk in the park. As a beginner, it’s important to know the 3 categories of dumbbells: adjustable dumbbells, fixed dumbbells, and studio dumbbells. Each of these dumbbells differs from each other, and you can only use them for particular workouts.

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If you are looking for dumbbells that won’t take up too much space and are affordable, then you should buy adjustable dumbbells. If you are looking for extremely light dumbbells, then you should buy studio dumbbells. If you are looking for dumbbells that have several weight ranges, then you should buy fixed dumbbells.

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The weight range for fixed dumbbells is from one kg to 100 kg. However, the weight you purchase should correspond with your weight level. 

Also, if you don’t want the hassle of changing weights all the time, then you should consider purchasing fixed dumbbells.

Which Dumbbell is Best for Beginners?

Choosing which dumbbell to use as a beginner is not an easy decision, especially if you don’t have the right information. Here are three factors you should consider:


As mentioned earlier, there are three types of dumbbell designs: studio dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells, and fixed dumbbells. Each of these designs has a different purpose and is effective when used for its specific purpose.

Studio Dumbbells

Studio classes require the use of lights weights during workout sessions. This makes studio dumbbells excellent for studio workouts. These dumbbells are also light and budget-friendly. They can also be used for cardio training, as all you need to do is have several reps to raise your heart rate successfully.

Adjustable dumbbells

These dumbbells are adjustable because you can adjust their weight by either removing or adding plates on the dumbbell bar. These dumbbells utilize less space, and they are affordable. The adjustability feature of this dumbbell allows you to adjust weight easily without having to purchase more weights.

All you need are different weight plates, and you can increase your dumbbell size accordingly. Also, the weight plates won’t take up much room; this makes them an excellent addition to any home gym.

Fixed Dumbbells

Unlike adjustable and studio dumbbells, fixed dumbbells come in pairs. Meaning that you can only buy one weight range at a time. This means that if you want to add one more weight, you have to buy one more weight.

So, if you want light dumbbells, you can use the studio dumbbells. If you want dumbbells that use less space, you can choose adjustable dumbbells. If you want one constant dumbbell weight, then you can purchase fixed dumbbells.


Another factor to consider is the material. Most dumbbells use steel which is strong and durable. However, this material does come with its disadvantages. One of its disadvantages is that steel dumbbells can become quite slippery when you sweat.

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Another common material is neoprene, which makes the dumbbell a bit more attractive and easy to grip. Whatever material you choose, make sure it is still comfortable even as you workout.


The final factor you should consider is weight. If you are a beginner, make sure you choose a dumbbell weight that suits your fitness level. Try to avoid dumbbells that are too heavy for you to handle. You can always start with 2 kg dumbbells and work your way up.

What Dumbbell Weight Should a Beginner use?

Beginners should start by using light dumbbells that weigh 2 kg to ensure you do not cause any strain to your body. Once your body gets used to the weight, you can start increasing the dumbbell weight. However, make sure you don’t add weight rapidly, as this will only cause more harm to your body.

Remember, your body requires time to adjust to weights. Rapidly increasing dumbbell weight can have severe effects on your body.

What Weight Dumbbells Should One Use to Tone the Arms?

Dumbbells are an excellent workout tool to use when toning the arms. If you want to tone your arms, you can start with 1 kg to 2 kg dumbbells. However, make sure you increase the number of reps you do whenever you work on your arms.


The type of dumbbell you buy should be a decision you make based on facts and not trends. Make sure you consider all the factors above as well as your budget when making the decision. Also, make sure you purchase other accessories like dumbbell racks if you decide to purchase fixed dumbbells.

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