Are 25 LB Dumbbells Good?

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, that is, build muscle, lose weight, or even become a better athlete, you will need a dumbbell that agrees with your body. In this guide, we answer the question ‘Are 25 LB dumbbells good?’ in order to help you decide whether they are right for your workout routine.

Are 25 LB Dumbbells Good?  

25 LB dumbbells are good until a certain point. How good are 25 LB dumbbells for you will depend on the level of your exercise and goals. If you’re just starting out, a 25-pound dumbbell can help you to effectively build muscles and keep you in shape by stimulating muscle protein synthesis. 

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Woman lifting a dumbbell with one arm while holding the other pair on her side

To achieve this, you will require a higher number of repetitions than when using heavier weights such as 50 LB dumbbells. This is one of the best ways 25 LB dumbbells can help you. 

If you need more than one, there are several ways in which 25 LB dumbbells can help you achieve a productive strength training routine.

25LB Dumbbells Break Workout Monotony 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need heavier weights to achieve plausible results. In fact, lifting the same weights in every workout will stagnate your progress since the body gets used to that monotony and stops growing.

So, if you have been working out for long enough you can break the monotony once in a while by lightening the weight and increasing the number of repetitions. While you may need a significantly higher number of repetitions with a 25 LB dumbbell if you are used to heavier weights, you will be able to stimulate growth again.

25LB Dumbbells Are Great for Classic Exercises

If you are not in the mood for heavy workouts, you can engage in some classic exercises using a couple of 25-pound beginner dumbbells. These include single-arm chest presses, overhead triceps extensions, single-arm rows, single-arm shoulder presses, and single-leg hip hinges.

Man holding a dumbbell with one hand while stepping on the other pair on the grass
  • Single-arm chest press: Lay on a bench with the 25 LB dumbbell in one hand. Extend the weighted arm at the top of the bench press and slowly lower the dumbbell towards your body then press it back to its original position.
  • Overhead triceps extensions: Hold the 25 LB dumbbells in front of you and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise the weights above your head making sure that the arms are stretched out straight. Slowly lower the dumbbells behind your head and then bring them back to the original position.
  • Single-arm rows: Hold a 25-pound dumbbell in your right hand and place your left knee and hand on a bench. Lower your right hand towards the floor then slowly bright it back up.
  • Single-arm shoulder presses: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbell in one hand and raise it over your head until the arm is stretched out. Pause for a few seconds and then lower it back to the starting position. Do at least 15 repetitions.

While these exercises are not as demanding as when using heavier weights, you will witness significant growth with up to 30 repetitions in each workout.

25LB Dumbbells Are Good for Building Biceps and Triceps 

Apart from the above classic exercises, you can also use 25-pound dumbbells to bulk your biceps and triceps.

Capitalize on the French press exercise to get tighter triceps. To do this, hold the dumbbell above your head with both hands then slowly lower it behind your head. To at least 10 repetitions.

For biceps, hold the dumbbell with one hand with the arm extended downwards. Raise the weight towards your chest then slowly lower it back to the original position. Do at least 10 reps then switch to the other hand.

How Often Should You Lift 25 LB Dumbbell?

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that you work at least twice a week for general health and fitness. These include training all major muscle groups to develop strength.

Woman performing dumbbell exercises

Consistently lifting 25-pound dumbbells will attract several health benefits such as stronger bones, better cognition, and control of some chronic diseases. The frequency usually depends on what you are trying to achieve. 

For instance, if you want to build bigger muscles, that is, achieve muscular hypertrophy, you should focus on working out at least twice a week according to New Zealand’s Sports Magazine.

However, considering the 25-pound dumbbells are much smaller, you can either increase the number of workouts per week or aim for higher repetitions in each workout.

Is it OK to Lift Weights Every Day?

It is possible to lift weights every day if your schedule allows it, if your daily workout is not strenuous, or if you take supplements that help build muscle. However, for the sake of your well-being, we recommend that you give yourself breaks in between the week, preferably two days. This is especially important if you exercise for long hours each day lifting heavy weights.


If all you have are 25 LB dumbbells or just don’t want to lift heavier weights, you can still gain significant muscle growth if you lift them the right way. Remember that you don’t necessarily need heavy weights to achieve productive strength training.

Robert Lemus has been a natural competitor for 6 years, starting in Men’s Physique, then Bodybuilding, and then into Classic Physique. He is the Orange County Bodybuilding champion in 2016 for the Musclemania Organization. In 2018, he received his Pro Card with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in Classic Physique.