Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Begin your kettlebell journey with the Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell. This kettlebell can be adjusted from five to twenty pounds, making it a great starter for those just learning to use a kettlebell. The Weider Kettlebell has a very unique shape going for it, and makes for a good entry level adjustable kettlebell. With a top weight of twenty pounds, and some complaining about the shape hurting their forearms during workouts, you'll want to balance the upsides with the downsides on this kettlebell.

Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell

Feature Overview:

  • Takes the place of 6 kettlebells with just one adjustable piece of equipment
  • Simple lever to use to lock and unlock the weight plates
  • Wide grip handle great for push-ups and planks
  • Small, space saving design - easy to store
  • Unusual cylindrical shape and sharp weights can cause swelling and bruising on foreamrs
  • Weight plates rattle loudly when in use
  • Somewhat fragile handle screws into top part; bends over time

The ​Weider SpaceSaver 20-Pound Adjustable Kettle Bell gives you the convenience and versatility of having six different kettlebells in your home - but all included in one revolutionary piece of equipment. The removable plates each weigh 2.5 pounds, allowing you to customize your kettlebell at weights of 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, and 20 pounds. The innovative design on this mid-priced kettlebell set means you don’t have to buy six different kettlebells to get all these different weights, saving you tons of space and hundreds of dollars.

The Weider Spacesaver 20 lb Adjustable Kettlebell works well as an entry level option because the weight range is on the lower side. It's well constructed and built to last, so you'll be able to have this adjustable kettlebell for many years to come. And, as a bonus, you'll receive a complimentary workout DVD with purchase, helping you to get going with your kettlebell workouts. ​

​We've put together a comprehensive review, where we found the best ​adjustable kettlebell on the market​.

How does the Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell work?

The Weider Adjustable Kettlebell uses a familiar lever-based locking mechanism to keep adjustable weight plates in place. The locking mechanism is easy to use, even when you have a short transition time between sets or very little recovery time.

To use this Weider adjustable kettlebell set, place your finger in the indent and pull the lever towards you. Then, rotate the lever to the right; this will unlock the plates so you can add or remove them as necessary to reach your ideal weight. You can then lock the lever by pushing it back to its original position.

Overall, using the locking mechanism was very easy to pick up on, and it didn’t take much time to adjust these kettlebells based on the workout of the day. Since each plate weighs the same amount, it’s easy to determine how much to add or remove to get the weight you want.

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What are the benefits of the Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell?

Well, like it says right in the product name, this adjustable kettlebell set saves you a ton of space in your home gym. It replaces six separate kettlebells and allows you to experiment with kettlebell usage without committing to spend hundreds of dollars or take up an entire wall of space in your home gym. You’ll still be able to get variety in your workout routine, but you’ll only commit to buying one piece of fitness equipment for your home gym.

Also, at a lighter weight, this adjustable kettlebell is accessible for women or those just beginning a workout routine. You can use this kettlebell at a weight as low as five pounds (which is just the handle and the top plate), and slowly build up to twenty pounds as you get stronger and stronger. The lighter weights are also great for arm and core exercise routines.

A complimentary kettlebell workout DVD is included with purchase, which is nice if you're just starting out. For more advanced kettlebell users, the DVD is probably a bit too elementary, and wouldn't be a selling point. But, if you're just beginning, it gives great context to starting your kettlebell workouts.​

What are the cons of the Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell?

The first thing you’ll notice when using this kettlebell is that the cylindrical shape and sharp weight plates cause the kettlebell to frequently bang into your forearms. The company recommends forearm guards to protect yourself, but swelling and bruising are possible side effects of using this kettlebell regardless of the forearm guards. The discomfort and injury are huge downsides to this adjustable kettlebell set.

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Also, the weight plates rattle loudly when you’re using them, making early morning at-home workouts a no-no if you’re trying to let your family sleep in. Even if you can block out the noise with headphones, the rattling may also disturb neighbors and cause complaints if you’re in an apartment or condo building.

In terms of construction, the Weider Adjustable Kettlebell feels fragile and like it’s easily broken or damaged. The handle is powder-coated, but it’s made of plastic and screwed into the rest of the top plate, which can then easily become loosened; however, once loosened, the screws are hard to tighten enough that you feel comfortable using the kettlebell. Therefore, the handle tends to flex over time, making it appear cheaply made despite the price point.

Who should buy the Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell?

With the risk of injury and bruising associated with this kettlebell shape, it’s hard to recommend this product to a specific group of people. However, since the weight is on the lower end, this product might be a good fit for kettlebell beginners, especially if they are female. The smaller weight plates would be a good beginning point for those just starting their fitness journey.

If you already have experience with kettlebells and you understand how to adjust your form and technique to address any potential forearm discomfort, you might get some use out of this product. You might also consider this product if you already know the types of kettlebell exercises you plan on doing and they won’t cause the Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell to bang into your forearms. Or, if you already own forearm guards, the Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell may be a good choice for you since you’ll be able to protect your forearms without making any extra purchases.

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The Weider SpaceSaver Adjustable Kettlebell does deliver on its promise to save you space in your home gym by taking the place of six separate kettlebells. However, the poor design of the adjustable kettlebell’s shape and the sharp-edged weight plates are a huge turn-off for an otherwise useful product and could ultimately lead to an injury when using (if you don’t own forearm guards). Our Weider Adjustable Kettlebell review is mixed, as it could be a good option for some. There are definetly other adjustable kettlebell reviews we've done that provide you with a better entry level option.