Top 20kg Kettlebell Workout Routines

A 20kg kettlebell is about 45 pounds, which makes this the perfect kettlebell for an advanced workout. If you’ve moved past kettlebell workouts for beginners, then adding a 20kg kettlebell to your routine is a great option. Chances are you feel comfortable with the more basic exercise moves and are looking for some a more advanced kettlebell workout. The advantage of using a 20kg kettlebell is that you can still work out with the same basic routines, but now start to add in more complex exercises and weight. Her are our top 20kg kettlebell workouts to add to your exercise routine.

Top 20kg Kettlebell Workouts


The Kettlebell Clean

The clean is often thought of as the perfect exercise to do before you’re able to get the kettlebell all the way over your head, but the clean can be a highly effective workout by itself. In addition, if you’re introducing a heavier kettlebell such as the 20kg kettlebell, this can be the perfect exercise to start off with. The clean is pretty much a swing, but with the bell ending up in a different place.

To do the clean you need to follow all the beginning steps of the one arm swing. During follow through, end with your elbows bent and the kettlebell in the crooks of your elbow. It is important to keep a relaxed grip on this exercise so you’re not putting too much stress on the hand or wrist.

This is another routine that will work the full body since almost every muscle needs to be tight to do this correctly. Make sure to keep the thumbs rotated back to help you avoid bruising.

As an aside, many people struggle with what kettlebell weight to purchase. In the beginning, most incorporate a smaller kettlebell into their fitness routine, such as a 12kg kettlebell workout. As you become more advanced, it makes sense to add a heaver weight, such as the 20kg kettlebell.

Additionally, throughout your workout routine, there are typically different exercises that you want different weights for. As an example, you can start performing the Kettlebell Clean long before you can the Kettlebell Swing with any one particular weight class.

That is why we recommend using an adjustable kettlebell for your workouts. The best adjustable kettlebell can be altered to fit your workout experience and exercise preferences!

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The Kettlebell Burpee Clean and Press

Burpees are a butt-kicker, no doubt about. Adding a 20kg kettlebell to a burpee exercise routine only makes it harder. But it also kicks your workout up another notch.

Start by putting two kettlebells on the ground at arms width. It’s worth noting that you will need two kettlebells for this workout. Begin your burpee with a push up on the handles of the 20kg kettlebells. Then, at the top of the burpee, do a press with the kettlebells.

The burpee incorporates your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. You'll see burpees incorporated in workout routines for extreme athletes, elite military forces, and football teams... because they work! It is a wonderful full strength workout, and one that is a great addition with several 20kg kettlebells.

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top 20kg kettlebell workout routine

The Kettlebell Swing

We recommend adding the swing as a part of our best kettlebell workout routines, because the swing workouts out so many different muscle groups, all at once.

This is a move that is very easy to do wrong – you are literally swinging the kettlebell around and over your head. It is reserved for those most comfortable with kettlebells. A swing done well will work the abs, butt, back, and hamstrings. The correct way to do the swing is to treat it more like a deadlift than a squat, which is the most common mistake.

Start with your feet spread shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Hold the 20kg kettlebell between your legs with both hands. Keep your back arched (very important) and swing the kettlebell front and back, swinging the weight up. Let the swing come back down between your legs as you follow through. Don’t worry about restricting the 20kg kettlebell during the follow through – it can hit you in the butt if need be.

The kettlebell swing is one of the very best exercises you can do. The Onnit Academy has aptly stated that, “if boredom wasn’t an issue, the kettlebell swing is the ONLY exercise you would ever need to do in your entire life.” Add this exercise to your new 20kg kettlebell workout routine!


The Kettlebell Snatch

This one will work the core, upper, and lower body all together. It’s important to work on this exercise for not only strength, but also muscle flexibility and coordination. It is a variation of the single arm swing in which you raise your arm straight above your head and the kettlebell flips all the way back over your hand.

The snatch is not a really big swing… in fact, most of the time your arm is bent while doing it. On the way up, the elbow actually leads. The hand should not move throughout this movement. If you’re using a 20kg bell on this exercise, you will need to be sure you’re confident in your ability to handle that much weight. Just a few reps will get you pretty far with this exercise, especially in the beginning.


All of these exercises are highly effective calorie burners that, when done with 20kg kettlebells, will have you sweating bullets very quickly. More importantly, adding these exercise routines to your workout will continue to tone and add muscle strength. There are some great options for both kettlebell cardio workouts and strength training. Before trying any of these with a weight that heavy, make sure you are comfortable with that amount and ask a professional if you’re unsure.