CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell Review

Some days you want to go heavy; other days, you need a lightweight workout. For one piece of equipment that fits all your kettlebell needs, look no further than the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell. This adjustable kettlebell set adjusts from ten to forty pounds faster than you can say “sweaty.”

CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell

Feature Overview:

  • Takes the place of 7 kettlebells with one adjustable piece of equipment
  • Simple lever to lock and unlock the weight plates
  • Very wide grip handle
  • Rubber pad on bottom to avoid damaging floors
  • Consistent 5lb increments let you customize your workout
  • Color coded/labeled weight plates would help to distinguish
  • Design creates discomfort on forearms during certain workout routines

The ​CFF 40-Pound Adjustable Russian Kettlebell Weights, includes DVD, is an adjustable kettlebell that includes six five-pound weight plates, which you can add or remove to customize your workout. The weighted handle weighs ten pounds on its own, making it perfect for lightweight or beginner workouts. The set includes six five-pound weight plates can be added or removed as needed to create a kettlebell that’s 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 pounds, effectively giving you seven kettlebells in one piece of equipment.

Made of steel plates and sturdy commercial-grade plastic, this adjustable kettlebell set is durable and functional, which is reflected in the higher-end price point. It also features a rubber base to protect your floor from damage, and the grip is wide enough for two hands. Finally, this kettlebell set includes a DVD that demonstrates basic kettlebell moves and workouts for you to try out.

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How does the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell work?

The CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell uses a simple lever-based locking mechanism to allow you to add and remove weight plates securely without taking up a lot of time.

To remove plates, place your thumb in the indent to turn the lock dial towards the “unlock” labeled side. Remove the necessary plates, then return the dial to its original position to lock. You can follow the same process when you’re ready to add plates on.

The locking mechanism was simple to use; however, since the plates aren’t labeled, it may take you a few tries to place them on in the correct order. If this becomes an ongoing issue, you may want to label the plates yourself using a permanent marker or colored tape.

What are the Pros of the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell?

One of the best things about this adjustable kettlebell set is the weight increments available to use. Ranging from ten to forty pounds in five-pound increments, this adjustable set gives you a similar set of weights that you would find in a big-box gym or CrossFit box - but without taking up all the space and costing you hundreds of dollars. The versatile weight increments make it easy to tailor your kettlebell to whatever workout you want to do that day.

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The locking mechanism is also very intuitive, even if this is the first adjustable kettlebell set you’ve purchased. You’ll feel secure knowing that the weight plates will stay locked in place, even during a high-intensity workout. This added peace of mind gives you the strength to get after your workout without pausing to check and double-check that the mechanism is locked.

Adding and removing weight plates takes very little time, making this adjustable kettlebell set a good choice for those high-intensity interval workouts with little to no recovery and transition time. You won’t have to constantly pause your workout as you add or remove plates from this adjustable kettlebell.

Finally, you’ll appreciate the small details of this adjustable kettlebell. For example, the soft, rubber pad on the bottom thoughtfully protects your floors from scratches. Also, the inclusion of an instructional DVD is very helpful for those just starting to incorporate kettlebells into their workout routine.

What can the Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Kettlebell Improve on?

It would be helpful if the adjustable weight plates were color-coded or numbered so that they were easy to load and unload in the proper order. The plates have to be added in a certain order for the locking mechanism to work properly, and labeling them somehow would make it a little faster to assemble, especially for your first few times using the equipment. However, you’ll be able to learn the proper order quickly, and you can also label the plates yourself if that makes things easier for you.

Also, the weight plates were a little uncomfortable when doing moves that required the plates to rest against your arms for a long period of time. Since the plates don’t fit flush together, the small gaps can pinch your forearms if you’re not careful. A tighter fit between plates would address this issue.

​Who is the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell ​for?

As mentioned above, having labeled or color-coded weight plates would be helpful for further streamlining the addition and removal of weight plates. However, you’ll learn the correct order quickly, so it’s not enough of a con to keep you from buying this product.

You might also feel some discomfort during certain moves with this adjustable kettlebell. The plates are a little sharp on the edges, and they could rub you the wrong way during certain moves in which the kettlebell collides with the body. You might consider learning the kettlebell technique of allowing the kettlebell to “roll” so that it slides over your palm properly; consult with a trainer or experienced kettlebell user to learn the proper form.

​Who should buy the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell?

The CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell is perfect for the workout enthusiast looking to take their fitness to the next level with dynamic, versatile workouts. Kettlebells are a great piece of equipment for both cardio and strength workouts, and you can get a full-body workout that targets all the major muscle groups. Since you can use kettlebells in so many different ways, you’ll never be bored with your workout routine.

In particular, the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell is perfect for someone who wants to build their home gym and is willing to invest in a durable, versatile piece of equipment. The CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell is made of high-quality materials and features seven different weight levels you can use, meaning it replaces seven kettlebells and saves you space and money. Plus, with so many different weight levels, anyone in your family can use the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell to add more intensity to their workout at any fitness level.

A personal trainer may also appreciate having the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell in his or her arsenal of equipment. Weighing forty pounds at most, this adjustable kettlebell set is portable enough to take to different clients who operate at different fitness levels. It’s a great way to challenge your client and introduce a new piece of equipment to their workout routine.

Finally, the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell is a great starter piece of equipment for those new to a kettlebell routine. The adjustable weight allows you to increase your weight and add intensity to your routine as you become more and more comfortable with the kettlebell. Plus, the instructional DVD provides a great starting point for kettlebell beginners.


With a weight range from ten to forty pounds and a sturdy build, the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell appeals to beginners and experts alike in the fitness world. The higher price point is reflected in the quality of the adjustable kettlebell, and the five-pound weight increments make it easy to customize your workout no matter what level you’re at. Use the CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell to start your kettlebell routine - or to take it to the next level!